On the 17 May 2014 participants took part in a river-ridge relay organised on behalf of Threshold. The course took them across the scenic Thames Path and Ridgeway encompassing 9 stages of cycling and running, finishing in Swindon; a total of 78 miles.

The idea for this event was inspired by an ex-serviceman from Swindon, who had become homeless and having hit ‘rock bottom’ he found himself on Tower Bridge and was on the verge of jumping into the river and ending it all. A passer-by spent some time talking to him and convinced him to go home. This he did by walking the entire distance from London to Swindon. The man, with our support, went on to hold down a job and live in accommodation with a secure tenancy.

It took him days to walk all the way but it took our supporters a couple of hours raising vital funds for us. Well done and thanks to all those who took part.

Threshold’s run4home started as one man’s long journey back from the edge.

Threshold have made that journey again and again for a number of years to raise funds to provide vital services to Swindon’s homeless. 


Andrew struggled to adjust to civilian life after 12 years in the Royal Air Force and an increase in alcohol and gambling resulted in the breakdown of his relationship with his partner and the loss of two jobs. And so on a cold, wet January day, with no money and nowhere to live he found himself at the door of Threshold’s direct-access hostel, Culvery Court.

During Andrew’s stay at Culvery Court he was able to work on his alcohol and gambling issues with the resettlement team and within 3 months had moved into private rented accommodation. Unfortunately Andrew became lonely living on his own and as his depression overwhelmed him, he made the grave decision to travel to London and end his life by jumping from Tower Bridge.

As Andrew stood at the edge, preparing to jump, a sympathetic passer-by stopped and persuaded Andrew to reconsider; assuring him life was worth sticking at. Andrew came down from the edge and walked home, all the way, from London
to Swindon.

But when Andrew arrived back at Culvery Court there wasn’t a vacancy for him. Realising what it felt like to be turned away from a ‘last chance hostel’ gave Andrew the push he needed to make the change in his life. When a vacancy arose, Andrew moved into Culvery Court within a few days and then on from here to one of Threshold’s move-on houses. This gradual transition helped Andrew to settle in his own rental accommodation and with the help of ‘floating support’, Andrew enjoyed the independence, without the loneliness that once
crippled him.

Andrew isn’t special or unique to Threshold, in his desperation or his willingness to chance his life around but his journey was a long one and we aim to mark it every year with our sponsored

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