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Homelessness doesn't discriminate.

With the current cost of living crisis, this is true now more than ever. Find out how to help us support people who have lost- or are at risk of losing- their homes.

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Threshold's BIG Swindon SleepOut 2024

6 December 2024

You can take part in Threshold's Big Swindon SleepOut 2023 as an individual or get a group of friends together to raise money for Threshold.

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Our Impact

A conversation with Matty, one of our residents

We met with Matty, a very talented poet who has been living with Threshold for over 18 months and is about to make his big move into his own accommodation.

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Catching Up with Rachael, 4 Months After Moving to Her Home!

It’s a Thursday morning, walking down to Rachael’s 1 bed house, I reminisce on how few months ago, meeting Rachael in the morning would have been at our head office and more often later than 11am.

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Sean - His own words

The stigma of being homeless and/or unemployed is nearly as hard to take than actually being in the situation itself! Whether self inflicted or unavoidable it’s a very, very hard position to be in!

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Paul - His own words

I came to Culvery Court in the summer of 2013 as I was made homeless after my relationship with my girlfriend broke down.

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Lewis - His own words

I have been homeless for 30 years on and off, having never had my own place in all that time. Half of the 30 years has been spent on drugs and alcohol.

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John - His own words

A 40 year old gentleman, known to Threshold over many years, was released from prison and made his way to the charity’s offices looking for Outreach to help with calls to the DWP with regards to his claim.

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Peter - His own words

Outreach workers came across a gentleman not known to them as he was begging in an alleyway in the Old Town area. He was unkempt and in need of a shower.

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Roger - His own words

A 54 year old gentleman presented at Culvery Court from Bristol, stating that he was homeless and fleeing violence. He was extremely distressed and obviously frightened.

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About Threshold

Threshold Housing Link is Swindon's Homeless Charity. We aim to end homelessness in our town and to help vulnerable people create a better life and independence. We offer support in a holistic approach and in a person-centred way to local homeless individuals and to those threatened with homelessness.

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Supporting the work of Threshold can take many different shapes and forms. Any donation is extremely welcome and will go a long way towards keeping our vital services on the streets of Swindon going.

Find out more information about how you can get involved and help today.

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