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Businesses Against Homelessness

Do you want your business to contribute towards making a positive difference in your local community by alleviating the suffering of Swindon’s homeless? Do you and your colleagues want to join us in being a force for social change? Well look no further...

What is a corporate supporter?

Local businesses are invited to become a ‘Business Against Homelessness’. Corporate supporters support Threshold Housing Link, Swindon’s longest established homeless charity, to continue to provide crucial services which make a meaningful difference.

Becoming a corporate supporter clearly communicates something significant about your core business values and your commitment supporting our local community. Through your engagement and support of our projects, you are directly contributing to the reduction of the local homeless population, thereby improving the life opportunities of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Threshold undertakes critical work which supports rough sleepers and the broader homeless community, providing a 'chance to change' and to find stable and, when appropriate, supported accommodation.

An accreditation kitemark provided by Threshold clearly identifies our corporate supporters as champions against social inequality, supportive of the local community, caring and compassionate, and not shy in taking direct action to end homelessness while also being committed and invested in helping Threshold demonstrate meaningful local impact on reducing the suffering of Swindon’s homeless population.

What your corporate support involves?

We do not ask you to pay a large fee or guarantee to raise large amounts of money for us in order to be official sponsors – but we gratefully welcome whatever financial contribution you can and care to provide. We will ask you to help us raise awareness of the important work we undertake within your organisation, so that your staff may all be able to speak to the critical services Threshold provide. We will happily come and speak to your team in order to give them some rich insight into our charitable and professional activities.

We will also suggest fundraising activities that your organisation or your staff team may undertake, or promote, to help us raise funds. There are occasionally activities at Threshold that require ‘many hands’ to make light the workload and should your team be looking get ‘hands on’ then we welcome expressions of interest.

Want to become a corporate supporter?

If you are thinking of becoming a Corporate supporter, please fill in the contact form, for a membership form to be sent to you.

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Support Threshold

Supporting the work of Threshold can take many different shapes and forms. Any donation is extremely welcome and will go a long way towards keeping our vital services on the streets of Swindon going.

Find out more information about how you can get involved and help today.

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