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A conversation with Matty, one of our residents

We met with Matty, a very talented poet who has been living with Threshold for over 18 months and is about to make his big move into his own accommodation.

Some of the questions we asked Matty...

Tell us briefly how you became homeless?

"My dad died in prison when I was 15 and then my mum met another fella and we didn’t really get on. I think it was when I was 16 and they kicked me out because it was getting too much. We kept fighting and that is how I became homeless really. I spent about 4 years on the streets from there."

How did you learn about Threshold?

"I knew about Culvery Court but didn’t know it was run by Threshold. I found out about Threshold through CGL, when I last became homeless. They told me about the Old Apple Yard, which was at the time a Substance Misuse Rehabilitation project so they referred me to Threshold about 2 years ago. After the Old Apple Yard, I moved in one of the Move-on Project."

We have been told that you are doing great and will be leaving soon, how are you feeling about it?

"Apprehensive, I think it’s only because of all the formalities, you know getting all my benefits sorted out, the Waterboard, the electric so I am a bit apprehensive about all that stuff. I am not so much worried about furniture as I have got most of it now. I need to get my white goods carpets mainly and that’s it, everything else I am almost done."

What would you say that you have taken away from Threshold…What have you learned?

"Mostly what I have taken away from Threshold is time to recuperate, time to gather my thoughts, get my bearings straight. My recovery had to come first, you know what I mean, and the Old Apple Yard was the foundation for that. I think once I had done the Apple Yard and moved into a Move-on project, I had already grown. I took quite a bit from the GOAL's* . I gained confidence, I have been able to do my poetry standing up in front of people and that took some balls."

*Gaining Opportunities and Living Skills

What do you see your future to be?

"Still at this moment, I still don’t know, because until I have surgery on my knee done, I am not going to be able to do anything. I do want to work in the drug recovery field. I am not too sure when that is going to happen or how it’s going to happen. Maybe through CGL but with some voluntary work or maybe even do a Health and Safety course first, just to see how things go." We are wishing Matty all the best for the future!

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