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Paul - His own words

I came to Culvery Court in the summer of 2013 as I was made homeless after my relationship with my girlfriend broke down. We have three children together, who I see once a week at a contact centre. I first used drugs (solvents/glue) at the age of 6, this was nothing to do with peer pressure, I was going through a bad time so I picked up a used glue bag after the older kids had left the park.

Since then I progressed onto every other drug and used them to try to cover up my problems (past and present). I have now learned that drugs don’t deal with my problems, they just cover them up for the time being. I am now on a D.R.R. for 6 months, five days a week and get prescription medication to substitute the street drugs I was using. I’m doing well now and hope to live life drug free and eventually have my own flat where my children can spend the weekends and holidays.

I feel that all of this is possible and if I take all the help that is being offered to me from C.R.I, Probation and Threshold then I will make it.

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