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Roger - His own words

A 54 year old gentleman presented at Culvery Court from Bristol, stating that he was homeless and fleeing violence. He was extremely distressed and obviously frightened.During the booking in process Outreach workers were able to put him more at ease, assuring him that he was safe and would have somewhere to stay. He had boarded a train earlier that day for Swindon as he had family on the traveller site here, so had a brief knowledge of the area.

When questioned as to the reason for not going to his family instead of the hostel he became agitated once more, informing Outreach the family would take advantage of him and use him for cheap labour. He had been subjected to this in the past. The gentleman informed us that he had literacy issues and had suffered with mental health problems. The reason he gave for leaving his home was that he was being bullied, intimidated and financially abused by an individual known to him.

Over the period of time that the gentleman was at Culvery Court, Outreach was able build on mutual trust. He disclosed that he had been working with the mental health team and produced a contact name along with a number. Permission was granted by him for Outreach to make contact, with the aim of finding as much information as possible to help his case. On making contact it emerged that he was living in mental health accommodation in Bristol prior to arriving in Swindon and that there was indeed a case of financial abuse against the gentleman which was being investigated by Avon and Somerset police. It was arranged that his CPN and the manager of his accommodation would come to the hostel for a three way meeting. Outreach was also to attend.

It was agreed, with his consent, that returning to Bristol was the best option as he had support and accommodation there.

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