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Sean - His own words

The stigma of being homeless and/or unemployed is nearly as hard to take than actually being in the situation itself! Whether self inflicted or unavoidable it’s a very, very hard position to be in!

The few days I was on the street before getting some accommodation was only made bearable by the help and aid of “Outreach Programme” and fellow companions I have met in a similar position to myself.

The service I have received has been nothing short of excellent because, not only does the programme supply a full breakfast 6 days a week (which, for most, is the only hot meal if not the only meal available) as well as lunch 3 days a week and a “soup run” drop, they also provide knowledgeable and very helpful advice when needed without prying or being intrusive. Incidentally, the accommodation was only made available to me due to the staff from the Outreach Programme.

In short, before being put in this position, the people in this programme, and others similar, as well as this organisation, is and are overlooked by so many people who do not know they even exist.... and why should they, they have never been in the position where they need their help but I would like to thank them because without these people not only would I still be in the gutter but so would many people before me and the many that will follow after me.

Thank you Outreach Programme from the bottom of my heart

In all we all have stories to tell and some of the most eye opening and interesting that can be told today, have done before and will do in the future, are due to the people and organisations like these as most would not be alive to tell them otherwise.

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